It’s Not a Question of IF, But WHEN?

Today's 6.1 earthquake answers the question; will another major earthquake strike Northern California and the Bay Area? This blog site created a special category - Emergency Preparedness" - eight years ago in 2006, that includes over 100 posts. They are still available to read, today. Just go to the index [...]

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Let’s Crack Open Those Golden Nuggets

Although I've been promoting our local Historical Museum and Library as a community "Treasure Chest" filled with all kinds of "Golden Nuggets," I now plan to crack open some of those nuggets and share their historic value with you, the readers of "Our River Town" blog. On a shelf in [...]

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Historical Collections – So What?

It's 4:30 a.m. - not another "significant" twilight moment, but important enough to keep one from going back to sleep. What's the question? All these local historical collections in our libraries, museums, and homes - "So what?" Time and time again, I hear people say, "They take up space, no [...]

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Lest We Forget – Brainerd Jones

It was 21 years ago (1993) that we moved to Petaluma. It didn't take too long for my wife, Connie, and me to become immersed in the history of Petaluma. This interest in the past of "Our River Town" is reflected in various blog themes: Petaluma History, Then & Now, [...]

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Our Cyberplace – Another Twilight Moment

Once again, around 6:00 a.m., another twilight moment occurred before I was fully awake. It centered on our community and how knowledgeable its citizens are about all the "good deed" activities, events, and projects that take place throughout the year that enhance and improve the quality of life in "Our [...]

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The Sages of Petaluma – Oral History Project

Over the past few weeks, my blogs have focused on promoting our Petaluma Historical Museum and Research Library as a local "Treasure Chest" that contains many "Golden Nuggets" that enrich the legacy of "Our River Town." A discussion group of Petalumans, who were either born here or have lived in [...]

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Another Twilight Moment – My Fellow Bloggers

It's 4:00 a.m. - another twilight moment. is about to occur. It isn't about "Our River Town;" it's about "my fellow bloggers" on Petaluma360. For some unknown reason I envisioned we were all in the same room, listening to one another as we shared our individual thoughts about why we [...]

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Lest We Forget – Lyman Byce

Although his name is well known in "Our River Town," how much do current Petalumans really know about Lyman Byce? Most readers will respond, "he built the first incubator." However, are there other tidbits of information we should be aware of? An article in the Argus-Courier's Centennial Edition (Section 4G), [...]

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More Historical Significance Thoughts

Last week (7-8-2014), the first blog that focused on the use of the term "historical significance" was posted. Since then, I have also conducted an Internet search for "historical significance," and guess what - I found a link to "Richmond, VA.: A City of Historical Significance." This, in turn, led [...]

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Our River Town’s Historical Significance

Another personal twilight moment: one that I hope will be one of  "historical significance." Coincidently, it occurred the day after another event of "historical significance" in the history of our nation - the United Sates of America. Why have I repeated the use of the phrase "historical significance" four times, [...]

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