Happy Birthday America

At today's bell ringing ceremony,on the steps of our Petaluma Historical Museum, guest blogger Jack  Withington gave me this message posted on Facebook by Sgt Major (Retired) Al McClymonds, a 1959 graduate of Petaluma High School. Please consider it as "food for thought" on this significant historical day in our [...]

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Our 4th of July Bell Ringing Tradition

In today's "Dear Abby" column, a letter from a former White House aide stated that, "At 2 p.m., July Fourth, I would love nothing better than for all Americans to stop briefly and give our country a ring. On July 4, 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the ringing of [...]

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Petaluma’s Other History Treasure Chest

My last blog (June 21st) featured the availability of the Argus-Courier's 85th Anniversary Progress Edition in the Hoppy Hopkins Research Room of the Petaluma Historical Museum (4th & B Streets). My thanks to Nancy Wilson, a docent from the Petaluma Library (100 Fairground Drive), who sent me the following e-mail: [...]

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Argus-Courier’s 85th Anniversary Progress Edition

Although we have featured two other Petaluma Centennial edition, here are the headlines for the 85th Edition of the Argus-Courier, dated May 9, 1941. In order to read the articles that go with these headlines, visit the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library at the Petaluma Historical Museum on Thursdays, when volunteers [...]

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Our Community’s History Treasure Chest – Part II

Today's blog presents Part II of the various newspaper headlines found in the "City of Petaluma Centennial Edition, 1858-1958," dated August 24, 1958.  (Part I was posted 6/16/14).   Section A Mayor Says: Petaluma Has Tools for Progress Services from City Get Better and Better Many People Contribute to City's [...]

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Our Community’s History Treasure Chest – Part I

Once, again, the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library on the second floor of our local "Treasure Chest" - the Petaluma Historical Museum is the primary resource of another "golden nugget" about our favorite river town's past. Most of today's information was discovered in the bound volumes of local Centennial Editions. Part [...]

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“Lest We Forget” – Ed Mannion

Another local community historian that needs to be remembered along with Ed Fratini is Ed Mannion. His collection of books, files, and documents gathered over 40 years was originally given to the Petaluma Historical Museum; but later transferred to the Petaluma Library where there was more room. C. Edward Mannion [...]

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Remembering Hoppy Hopkins

For the past few months, we have have posted several blogs under the Petaluma History category, using theme headings like  the "Petalumans of Yesteryear," the "Sages of Petaluma," and "Then & Now." We have also given credit to the Petaluma Historical Museum & Research Library for the source of most [...]

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Communists in Petaluma

Jack Withington, Guest Blogger Throughout history Communists have been portrayed by the media, the government and certain politicians as “Boogeyman “and were accused by the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover of orchestrating the civil rights movement. Were there communists in Petaluma and Sonoma County? Yes!  1934 voter registration rolls [...]

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Remembering Bill Soberanes – June 2, 2014

Last year (2013) I posted my 500th blog, memorializing Bill's death in 2006 on June 2nd. Rather than reprinting that blog ("Remembering Bill Soberanes" #3), I will honor Bill this year by indexing all the RBS blogs posted to date. They are also available for viewing by clicking on the [...]

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