It’s 4:00 a.m. – another twilight moment. is about to occur. It isn’t about “Our River Town;” it’s about “my fellow bloggers” on Petaluma360. For some unknown reason I envisioned we were all in the same room, listening to one another as we shared our individual thoughts about why we post blogs about the various topics or themes that we create.


It isn’t the money; because as far as I know, we’re not being paid to post our thoughts. There must be a common spirit or sense of community that motivates us to want to share these personal thoughts with our readers. In my case, my blog topics or themes have fluctuated over the years. That is why my categories (listed on the right side of this page), have included titles such as: Petaluma History, Lest We Forget, Our Cyber Place, The Sages of Petaluma, Emergency Preparedness, The Petalumans of Yesteryear.


Over the past several weeks, I’ve been focusing on significant historical events and/or historical Petalumans who have had impact on the development of Our River Town. It’s just a coincidence, but this afternoon I met with two fellow Petalumans (of today) to discuss how the Fred Wiseman Historical Monument might be enhanced in order to remind citizens of the significance of his delivery of mail by an airplane in 1911 from Petaluma to Santa Rosa. Stay tuned for progress reports on this idea..

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