Today’s 6.1 earthquake answers the question; will another major earthquake strike Northern California and the Bay Area? This blog site created a special category – Emergency Preparedness” – eight years ago in 2006, that includes over 100 posts. They are still available to read, today. Just go to the index on the right. Click on “Emergency Preparedness” and scroll down to the date of these earlier blogs.

4-18-06   Then & Now #8 – It will happen again@ But when?

10-18-06   EP #3 – How many “wake up” calls do we need?

10-24-06   EP #4 – Are You Ready?

2-07-07   EP #10 – Haven’t we heard this before?

4-16-07   EP #15 – It could happen here in Petaluma

5-15-07  When all else fails – then what?

6-24-07   Be Prepared! Get ready before it happens

9-19-07   Any Neighborhood Can Do It

10-06-07   What’s Your RQ?

10-28-07   It’s All Online – Somewhere!

Stay tuned for more “Be Ready” blogs to come.


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