Last week (7-8-2014), the first blog that focused on the use of the term “historical significance” was posted. Since then, I have also conducted an Internet search for “historical significance,” and guess what – I found a link to “Richmond, VA.: A City of Historical Significance.” This, in turn, led me to think about  a new series of blogs related to “Our River Town” and past people, places, and events that were important in the history of Petaluma (translation – historically significant).

In fact, several earlier blogs that would fit under this new category have already appeared under the themes of Petaluma History, Our Petaluma, Lest We Forget, and The Petalumans of Yesteryear. For example, our local 4th of July “Bell Ringing Ceremony” was featured as in Petaluma History Blog #22 (posted 6-29-2014) as a local tradition initiated in 1962 in memory of a major national event of historical significance, the adoption of our country’s Declaration of Independence.

In order to see buildings of historical significance, all one has to do is take the downtown walking tour conducted by Museum docents on Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. Several of these structures and their architectural styles will be highlighted in future blogs of this new category – Historical Significance. We will also continue to use the “Lest We Forget” theme to identify early Petalumans who made a significant contribution to the historical development of Petaluma as a city; as well as call your attention to various plaques scattered around town in recognition of past events of historical importance.

Hopefully, the Sages of Petaluma, who meet monthly at the Petaluma Library and Museum, will contribute guest blogs about personal memories they consider of historical significance living and growing up in the Petaluma area.

Stay tuned.

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