Petaluma’s Neighborhood HamWatch Network is Still Active

Almost a decade ago, this blog site initiated a category titled, "Emergency Preparedness" which now consists of over 130 blogs. The various posts trace how the Petaluma CERT program (Community Emergency Preparedness Teams) could help neighborhoods become better prepared and ready to cope with a major earthquake such as an [...]

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Isaac Wickersham – One of Petaluma’s “Golden Nuggets”

Isaac Wickersham, one of Petaluma’s leading citizens and bankers was born in York County, Pennsylvania in 1820. In 1853, he arrived in Petaluma; a "frail and nervous young man" of 33 years of age; but one"possessed of enormous talent and energy." Prior to his starting the first bank in Sonoma [...]

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Petaluma “Golden Nugget” – Addie Atwater

Our new blog series titled, “Petaluma Golden Nugget" ” continues with one of Petaluma’s earliest outstanding citizens: . This blog was written and posted several years ago on one of our community’s first websites, by PetalumaNet volunteers. “Addie Daley Atwater was born on October 16, 1836 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, [...]

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Petaluma “Golden Nugget” – Ed Fratini

During the 20+ years that I have lived in Petaluma, I have met several Petalumans that are also known as "historians." There were two, Ed Mannion and Ed Fratini, that I never had the pleasure to meet. An earlier LWF blog about Ed Mannion was posted on June 6, 2014. [...]

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Blog Site Changes

Just in case you haven't notice it, the Petaluma360 editors have modified this blog site so that readers can find previous posts by date and category. If you go over to the right side of this page, you'll find two headings: "Popular" and "Recent." Continue to drop down the column [...]

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Petaluma “Golden Nuggets” – Brainerd Jones

Today's blog featuring Brainerd Jones is the second "golden nugget" to be added to Petaluma's historical "Treasure Chest." It was 23 years ago (1993) that we moved to Petaluma. It didn’t take too long for my wife, Connie, and me to become immersed in the history of Petaluma. This interest [...]

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Petaluma’s “Golden Nuggets” – Capt. Thomas Baylis

 We will start our new Petaluma “Golden Nuggets”blog series with one of Petaluma’s earliest outstanding citizens: Capt. Thomas Baylis. The texts of this blog was written and posted several years ago on one of our community’s first website, by PetalumaNet volunteers. It was not written by this blogger; just copied [...]

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Another Twilight Moment – 3:30 a.m.

For some unknown reason, this morning's twilight moment (3:30 a.m.) focused upon what community topics, themes, or activities to blog about on the revival of "Our River Town" over the coming weeks. Once, again, my thoughts centered on the fact that Petaluma's history is a "treasure chest" of information that [...]

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The Petaluma NHW Net is Still Active

Several years ago, when the Petaluma CERT program (Community Emergency Response Team) was supported by the city (2005-2011), 24 members passed the FCC amateur radio exam (Technician Class) and formed what was called the "Petaluma Neighborhood Ham Watch Network." It's main purpose was to provide radio communication in the event [...]

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What Shall I Do With This Blog Site?

How should I revive the "Our River Town" site so that it will continue to share information about Petaluma's past, present, and future with today's Petaluma360 readers? Which of the various categories and themes of earlier blogs will be worth continuing so that the "golden nuggets" of Petaluma's historical "treasure [...]

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