Do you remember reading the closing lines to my “Mission Impossible-Revisited” blog posted on 8-23-2012? “I hope to continue posting blogs related to our historic town from time to time; but, if I’m to revisit the garage project, I must seriously consider “retiring” from “being retired.” Stay tuned. Well the time has come to make it “official.” Tomorrow, September 5th is my birthday. I can’t remember the year in which I was born 😉

It was September 5th (1960) that I started to teach at SFSU. It was September 5th, 32-years later that I retired from being paid to teach future teachers. For the next 20 years, “being retired” was great! You end being “busier” than ever. You’re a volunteer; you’re not paid for your time, effort, or innovative ideas. You do things because there are community needs to be met and/or you just want to explore a new interest area.

Over time, however, you change. Your memory starts to fail. It’s most embarrassing when you can’t remember the first name of people you’ve volunteered with for years 🙁 Your muscle strength isn’t what it used to be. You can’t put in those 12-14 hour days anymore without taking a nap. You forget what computer keys to press in order to gain access to all those files you’ve saved somewhere online. You can’t remember the box or file folder in which you saved various hardcopy reports or newspaper articles. Those boxes begin to accumulate until the garage is cluttered. It’s becomes a “Mission Impossible,” and it is definitely time to consider “retiring from being retired.” Tomorrow’s birthday is the time to do it.

Don’t worry, I’m not going or fading away; just slowing down. Blogging about “Our River Town” will continue. It can be done at anytime, day or night. Pressing those keyboard keys doesn’t take that much energy. But, those boxes in the garage do require muscle strength and have to be examined for the treasured memories they contain and finally buried where they should have been deposited years ago. If I can get that “job” done by the end of the year, I will really have something to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. If not; then, it really will be a “mission impossible.” Stay tuned.