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Will you be there on July 4th?

This blog was originally written for the PetalumaOnline community website under the heading: Our Cyberspace for July 2005. (It is just as relevant this year, as that year.) “It’s the 4th of July weekend and I’ve been searching my brain for an appropriate theme. My mind keeps coming back to how a few folks in Petaluma will celebrate the significance of the events of this day in 1776, and its relationship to our 21st Century world of telecommunications and computer… Read More »

The American Legion’s Historic Flagpole

American Legion Flagpole - 1907

A local history buff, Alan Cooper of Monkey Ranch, sent me an interesting story about the history of the American Flag that flew on the American Legion Hall, when it was located on 4th Street, east of “B” Street. The following blog includes many parts of his original message. Alan and his wife, Sue, purchased the old Fred Zimmerman dairy ranch, which was located about four mikes out on the “D” Street Extension, four years ago. “The Ranch was divided… Read More »

Check out the new ‘Petalumans of Yesteryear’ website

PofY - Cemetery

Yesteryear is a word that has been used in a variety of ways. The Walking Tour Guides of our Historic Downtown District, who have adopted the personas of some of Petaluma’s prominent citizens from the late 19th or early 20th Century, have created a unique team of historical enthusiasts who are known as the Petalumans of Yesteryear. Through special presentations, Adult School history classes, and cemetery tours, they help preserve knowledge about our town’s past. Several years ago, a website… Read More »

Did You Know That Petaluma Had A College?

As I continue to wade through the historic “golden nuggets” (documents, photographs, files) stored in the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library on the second floor of the Petaluma Historical Museum & Library, our local “Treasure Chest,” I discovered that there was a college located in Petaluma in the 1860s for four years. (However, no photograph available.) On August 15th, 1866, Preparatory Department of the Petaluma College opened. Professor Mark Bailey was placed in charge. The school was open to all regardless… Read More »

Are You A Petaluma Sage?

Several years ago (2007), a small group of long time Petalumans who were interested in sharing their memories of the “Good Old Days” living, playing, working, and learning in “Our Favorite River Town,” initiated a group known as the Sages of Petaluma. They selected the name – Sages – because, by definition, they became “somebody who is regarded as knowledgeable, wise, experienced, and a person of advanced years revered for his/her wisdom and good judgment.” Almost half of the participants… Read More »

Petaluma ALERT – Alliance of Local Emergency Radio Teams

Neighborhood HamWatch Net Control

Today’s blog is a copy of the May newsletter for Petaluma ALERT – Alliance of Local Emergency Radio Teams.  Since I am a FCC licensed amateur radio operator, KI6GOO, I have been promoting the use of amateur radios as a means of communication during a major disaster. Petaluma ALERT – Alliance of Local Emergency Radio Teams – Neighborhood HamWatch Newsletter – May 23, 2015  The Petaluma Alliance of Local Emergency Radio Teams is a voluntary partnership established between government emergency… Read More »

Emergency Communications – At The Neighborhood Level

My twilight moment on May 1st, once again, dealt with emergency communications, when all normal sources of power (especially electricity) fail due to a local emergency or disaster. Most government EOCs (Emergency Operation Centers) and non-profit groups who maintain emergency networks (Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) consist of licensed Hams who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communication duty in the public service when a disaster strikes. Most licensed amateur radio operators do… Read More »

Petaluma Young Men Went to War

By Jack Withington A monument to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (ALB), a volunteer unit that fought in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-39, is located near the Vaillancort Fountain on San Francisco’s Embarcadero. It is dedicated, in part, to two young Petaluma men, Leo Nitzberg and Robert “Bobby” Rappaport who were volunteer members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade of the International Brigade that went to Spain to assist the duly elected, left wing, Republican government that was over thrown by forces… Read More »

S.F. Earthquake – 109 Years Ago

In Santa Rosa, April 18th, at 5:13 a.m., 109 years ago, just about every business in the downtown area was in ruins and most of the homes were severely damaged. This quake is known worldwide as the S.F. 1906 Earthquake; however, most of its damage in S.F. was due to the fires that swept through the downtown area. Many of the water mains were damages so that it was difficult for the S.F. first responders to fight the fires. Since… Read More »

Petaluma Butter & Eggs Day Parade – 2015

One of Petaluma’s most significant historic events is the B&E Day Parade. The Good Egg Award is also given to a Petaluma Citizen who, over time, has helped preserve and contribute to the promotion of the City of Petaluma, its history and its people. “They may have done this by working to preserve Petaluma’s history, publicizing Petaluma’s distinctive resources, or helping others to remember and honor historic Petalumans or Petaluma achievements. This needs to be someone who has contributed to… Read More »