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Bill Hammerman on Petaluma's past, present and future

Petaluma’s Treasure Chest – “Good Eggs”

Last Saturday, John Crowley was honored by Mayor Glass with a proclamation as Petaluma’s “Good Egg” for 2014. John will lead the annual Butter & Egg Days parade next Saturday, along with several former “Good Eggs.” This year’s theme is “Home Grown Petaluma.” The first B&E Days parade was held in 1982, and the first “Good Egg” was Adair Heig (now Lara), author of “A History of Petaluma, A River Town.”  It is just a coincidence, but several other past… Read More »

The Sages of Petaluma – Past, Present, Future

The number of Sages in Petaluma has increased over the past 49 years. The original Sage was a make-believe Petaluman named J. Abner Peddiwell, Ph.D., a professor at Petaluma State University (which never existed). Dr. Peddiwell wrote a book titled, “The Sage of Petaluma,” that was published in 1965. In reality. the author’s name was Harold Benjamin, Dean, College of Education, University of Maryland. In 2007, this blogger initiated a conversation/discussion group called, “The Sages of Petaluma.” All of the… Read More »

Scavenger Hunt

Since our recent blogs have been promoting the Petaluma Historical Museum & Library at Fourth & B Streets, we hope that readers will take the opportunity to visit it and explore the various displays and visits. Here are a series of questions you might use as a “Scavenger Hunt” for our town’s  historic “treasure chest.”  1 – When was the “Old  Brick School House” built? 2 – Who was the first person to establish a carriage and wagon factory in… Read More »

Petaluma’s “Treasure Chest” Revisited

As we continue to search for a new theme or series of “our River Town” blog site on Petaluma360.com, we revisited Petaluma’s “Treasure Chest,” aka the Petaluma Historical Museum & Library.  In addition to the “golden nuggets” found in the Hoppy Hopkins Memorial Research Library, there are several exhibits and displays worth calling your attention to, and hopefully motivate you to visit and see in person.  As you wander around the second floor, in addition to the beautiful glass dome,… Read More »

John Edgar (Tom) Lockwood – Petaluma’s First Settler

Last week the Press Democrat printed two articles dealing with the historic significance of the Beck house located in the Cedar Grove area of Petaluma (a seven acre parcel off Lakeville Street between the railroad tracks and the Petaluma River.)  The purpose of today’sblog is not to enter the debate as to whether or not the house should be demolished, but to highlight the historic significance of this area and one of its earliest European residents, John E. Lockwood. Cedar… Read More »

Petaluma’s “Treasure Chest”

Last month, I was looking for new ideas or themes for my blog site, so I decided to explore the collection of books, photographs, files, and pamphlets in the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library at the Petaluma Historical Museum. Within an hour of glancing randomly through the various shelves I thought this research collection could also be called “Petaluma’s Treasure Chest.” For starters, here is a brief list of the some of these historical gems: * Ed Mannion’s “Rear-View Mirror” columns,… Read More »

William Howard Pepper

Today’s post is about the last of the six “Petalumans of Yesteryear” whose identities have been adopted by current volunteers for the Petaluma Historical Museum & Library. “Although Mr. Pepper came to California in 1850 in search of gold, along with thousands of others 49ers; he did not arrive in Petaluma until 1858, the year that the rapidly growing river town officially became a city. Prior to the establishment of a very successful orchard and nursery business, William Howard Pepper… Read More »

Our River Town Continues to Celebrate Its Place in Cyberspace

Can you believe it? Today, March 11, 2014 is the 8th anniversary of Our River Town blog on what is now known as the Argus-Courier’s Petaluma360. To date, this volunteer blogger has posted 540 blogs, organized in 14 various categories. ((Look for these categories in the column to the right.) This post isn’t the first blog that celebrated an anniversary. The fourth anniversary was celebrated with a blog on March 10, 2010. In order to recapture the spirit of our… Read More »

Brainerd Jones

This week marks the eighth year anniversary of blogging for the Argus-Courier’s Petaluma360 site, as a volunteer blogger. This post highlights another “Petaluman of Yesteryear.” “Perhaps no man has left more living memorials of his achievements and of his contributions to this community than this architect who drew the plans and laid down specifications for so many of our homes, our business structures and our schools. He was a small town architect only in the sense that he lived and… Read More »

Addie Atwater

Our new blog series titled, “The Petalumans of Yesteryear” continues with  one of Petaluma’s earliest outstanding citizens: . The texts of these blogs were written and posted several years ago on one of our community’s first websites, by PetalumaNet volunteers. (They were not written by this blogger; just copied and pasted on this site.) “Addie Daley Atwater was born on October 16, 1836 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, of a well-to-do family. Her grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War as a… Read More »