Not only are the seasons changing; but “Our River Town” blog is changing how it is made available to readers who are using e-Newspapers more and more as their primary source of community information. Today’s post is self-explanatory. It was posted earlier this week (5-9-11) on Petaluma Patch. Stay tuned as The Trio observe the results of this change in their blogging efforts.
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I didn’t notice that we were changing seasons from Spring to Summer because I looked at a printed calendar. It “dawned” on me, a couple of mornings ago when I waddled down the driveway to pick up the newspaper, sometime between 3-5 a.m. If the weather is clear and the stars are shining, my “calendar and clock” in the sky are right up there for all to see. The northern circumpolar constellations Orion, Virgo, Leo, and Scorpius serve as my seasonal calendar. Spring will soon turn into summer, and life will go on just as it has for centuries.

Today’s blog will announce a change in my attempts to share my community wanderings as a senior citizen, who has had the privilege of residing in one of the nation’s most beautiful natural areas.. It all started soon after we retired to Petaluma in 1993, when the Internet was rapidly expanding. Information and Communication Technology, or ICT, was the new buzz word and soon became the focus of my community volunteer endeavors. They were the days when the schools and local newspapers were exploring how best to achieve their missions in the most effective and efficient manner. Whether or not, it might end up also being more economical remained to be seen.

In Petaluma, various pilot projects were conceived, created, and implemented. Two local electronic news sources allowed this blogger to reflect on “this and that.” Various topic or themes, such as: Our Cyberplace, Our Way of Life, Our Information Highway, Remembering Bill Soberanes, Then & Now, Emergency Preparedness, and the Sages of Petaluma emerged over time and were modified from to time, or eliminated. Recently, another eNews site – Petaluma Patch – appeared on the Internet scene and encouraged readers to post blogs, in addition to community news. So, here WE – The Trio, Eagle-Eyes, and Hammerhead – are in the middle of a modification in our blogging, as well as our seasons. Actually, our blogging sphere hopefully will expand. These wandering thoughts and reflections of a senior citizen will be shared and posted on both Petaluma360 and Petaluma Patch. It will be interesting to see which site generates the greatest number of readers and comments.

Oh, no … here we go, again. We (or “they”) are beginning to ramble, as well as wander. Please “stay tuned,” if you wish to do so. Better yet; become involved with the ICT mechanisms of our community and leave a comment. We are well into the 21st Century. Not only are our seasons changing; but, how we communicate and share information has been making significant changes over the past decade.

P.S. The “we” or “they” refer to the members of this blog team, are known as Me, Myself & I (The Trio), plus Eagle-Eyes and Hammerhead. Their individual roles will become known as you continue to read these periodic posts. Stay tuned.