Yesterday, we celebrated the 90th birthday of a friend and it seemed like only yesterday, that we had attended his 80th birthday party. How time flies, especially as one ages. These significant dates, however, should be acknowledged and celebrated at all levels. For example; the City of Petaluma celebrated its Sesquicentennial only three years ago, and Sonoma County communities joined in and planned several events acknowledging Fred Wiseman’s first air mail flight 100 years ago. Now, I’m wondering if there are any other significant dates I should be remembering.

Hmmm…let me think … our next birthdays are not until August and September; November will be our wedding anniversary. We moved to Petaluma less than 18 years ago, and the founding of PetalumaNet was 16 years ago, this September; but, wait a minute … March, 2006 was when I started to post blogs for the Argus-Courier’s Petaluma360 website. I had done a little bit of blogging, once a month from 2003-2006, on Michael Estigoy’s  PetalumaOnline site. So, on March 11, 2006 the category titled, “Our Cyberplace-Petaluma” was launched. (It’s earlier title for PetalumaOnline was “Our CyberSpace.”

As time went on, another 15 additional categories were added as blogging areas of interest. All together, on the 5th anniversary of my blogging for the Argus-Courier, approximately 398 posts have been made. (For the record, if the earlier 27 monthly blogs from 2003-2006 are added, the grand total is about 425.)  One of the largest topics – Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Training – was initiated on March 21, 2006. The category – Emergency Preparedness – was established on September 7, 2006.

To date, the categories with the greatest number of entries are: Bill’s Blogs (miscellaneous themes), Emergency Preparedness, Our CyberPlace, Then & Now, and Our Petaluma. Where this blogging addict goes in the future, and for how long; is anybody’s guess. Why does he continue to do it? He isn’t paid for these contributions. Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t want to keep a diary; or could it be that our favorite “river town” is such a remarkable place to live? Stay tuned.