Although we have featured two other Petaluma Centennial edition, here are the headlines for the 85th Edition of the Argus-Courier, dated May 9, 1941. In order to read the articles that go with these headlines, visit the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library at the Petaluma Historical Museum on Thursdays, when volunteers are available to help you find the bound copies.

Section A –                                                                                                                                                                                                       Eighty-Five Years of Journalism in Petaluma Area

First Petaluma Settler

Chamber of Commerce Celebrating 35th Anniversary

Frank H. Denman

John A. Olmsted


Section B

Petaluma – The World’s Egg Basket

Chicken Farming Started Here in 1880

Golden Eagle – Pioneer Milling Company of Petaluma


Section C

Petaluma School System

Churches of Petaluma

Petaluma Rotary

Lions Club

Petaluma 20-30


Section D

Petaluma’s Aggressive Fire Department

McNear History

Petaluma River – First Transportation


Section E

Six Million Pounds Petaluma Butter Shipped in ’40

Three Creameries- Two Cheese Plants in Petaluma Area

Houx Family Arrived in 1864 Thru Panama


Section F

Petaluma Industries of Past Decades

Sunset Line and Twine Operates Factory Here

The Future of Petaluma


The other two centennial celebration editions covered by the Argus-Courier, available in the library, are the “Argus-Courier’s Centennial Celebration – August 18, 1955, and the “City of Petaluma Centennial, 1858-1958” – August 24, 1958.





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