Once, again, the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library on the second floor of our local “Treasure Chest” – the Petaluma Historical Museum is the primary resource of another “golden nugget” about our favorite river town’s past. Most of today’s information was discovered in the bound volumes of local Centennial Editions. Part I will cover the “Argus-Courier’s Centennial Celebration” edition dated August 18, 1955, and Part II will be based on the  “City of Petaluma Centennial Edition, 1858-1958” dated August 24, 1958 and cost $0.25.

Listed below are the headlines for various articles scattered throughout the various sections of these centennial celebration issues. Hopefully, these headlines will capture your attention and motivate you to visit the Petaluma Historical Museum and read the hard copies available in the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library.

Part I – “Argus-Courier Centennial Edition” – 1855-1955

Section A

The Argus-Courier Story – Apology Started the Newspaper

Newspapers Jumped from Site to Site

Petaluma Has Many Benefits

Poultry and Dairying Are Our Agricultural Leaders

Section B – Historical People, Places, Events

J.E. Lockwood – City’s First Settler

City Conceived, Born and Incorporated in Eight Years

Douglas Came in ’50

The Horse and Buggy Days

Pat Talamantes’s Story

Section C

Old Vigilance Bell Rang for History

Spanish Explored Our Valley in 1776

Name Origins – “Petaluma” Is Miwok Word

Section D

Our Neighbors Yesterday, Today

Section E

Cotati Named After Indian Chief Cotate

Drake Discovered Point Reyes Area

Section F – Today’s Local Government

Community Has Changed in Past Century — It’s Grown Up

Odd Fellows and The Rebekahs Founded Petaluma’s First Library

Police Department Replaced Justice From the Crowd

Pepper Was Our 1st Kindergarten

Section G

Key Industry for Petaluma – Hatcheries

Petaluma Financial Growth Marked by Banking Activity

Golden Eagle Employs Many

Creamery Among the Largest

First Incubator By Lyman Byce

4th District Fair Started in 1867

Section H

Scow Schooners Served City

The Old Steamboat Days

Disastrous 1872 Blaze Swept Downtown Petaluma

Settlers Aided by Railroads

Ho, for the Town Clock

Section I

Petaluma Is Center of Recreation Area

Historic Fort Ross Bell Now Is Back at Original Location

Petaluma Business – Trading Post to ’55

Post Office Occupied Many Sites

Section J

Many Faiths Represented in Petaluma Churches

One-Room Schools Hold Out Still in the Rural Area

Petaluma High Athletics Go Back to Nineteenth Century

Long-Time Resident Tells Feelings About County

 Section K – Organizations-Clubs-Lodges

Our Youth-Scouts, Camp Fires

Red Cross Assists in Time of Need

Farm Centers Serve Rural Areas

PTA Serves the School and Home

Woman’s Club – An Area Leader

Service Clubs Help Build Goodwill

Volunteers are available on Thursday afternoons to help visitors find these “golden nuggets” containing the above historical information about “Our River Town.”



















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