The “12 Days of Christmas” have passed, so the holidays are officially over and my daily routine is returning to normal. BTIM (By that I mean), waking up around 3:00 a.m., putting on my “bunny rabbit” slippers, waddling downstairs, and going out on the driveway to pick up the newspapers; plus, turning on the computer for e-mail.

My “desktops” (that is both my computer desktop and my wooden desktop) are still cluttered because I still prefer reading messages after they have been printed out on paper. Why? Santa didn’t bring “Bad Boy Bill” an iPod because he hasn’t cleaned out the garage yet. In other words, not too much has changed with the dawn of a new year. BBB’s only resolution for 2011 is to wake up every morning and try to do something that – hopefully – is constructive and helpful for the community.

With the Centennial Anniversary of Fred Wiseman’s historic airmail flight from Petaluma to Santa Rosa coming up next month (February 17-18), publicizing the various celebration events and activities throughout Sonoma County is top priority right now. One major concern about all the information that has been published about this historic event is that, after 100 years, there are still questions about some of the facts connected to his two-day flight from Kenilworth Park to Enz Dairy via Denman Flat. In addition, it is sad to find out that many Sonoma County residents have never heard about Fred Wiseman.

One way that you, the readers of this blog might help is to share this information with five to ten friends. If 100 readers do this, that means 1000 people will know what is going on to commemorate the feats of this famous pioneer aviator. If these 1000 friends and family members, in turn, contact just five more people, the total becomes 5,000. Where can you find more detailed information about Fred Wiseman and celebration events throughout Sonoma County, click on Please share this link with others. (Isn’t e-mail great?)

Then scroll down the “Our River Town” site and you will find several blogs related to Fred Wiseman. Additional blogs will be posted over the next month, so check back from time to time. These blogs are available 24/7. Look for the next Wiseman blog that will be a calendar of Fred Wiseman Airmail Flight Centennial  Celebration events scheduled in Cloverdale, Windsor, Healdsburg, Santa Rosa, Cotati, and Petaluma.

Fasten your seat belts, get ready to take off on this historic adventure.