One of Petaluma’s most significant historic events is the B&E Day Parade. The Good Egg Award is also given to a Petaluma Citizen who, over time, has helped preserve and contribute to the promotion of the City of Petaluma, its history and its people. “They may have done this by working to preserve Petaluma’s history, publicizing Petaluma’s distinctive resources, or helping others to remember and honor historic Petalumans or Petaluma achievements. This needs to be someone who has contributed to the preservation or promotion of Petaluma’s history.” (Quoted from Positively Petaluma.)

The Good Egg Award for 2015 will be presented on the steps of the Petaluma Historical Museum and Library at noon on Saturday, April 18, and the Parade will be held on Saturday, April 25. Hope to see there.



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