How should I revive the “Our River Town” site so that it will continue to share information about Petaluma’s past, present, and future with today’s Petaluma360 readers?

Which of the various categories and themes of earlier blogs will be worth continuing so that the “golden nuggets” of Petaluma’s historical “treasure chest” are preserved and will increase in value over time?

For example, one earlier category was titled, “The Petalumans of Yesteryear.” (Posted Just last week, four of the Petalumans made a one hour presentation for 25 residents of Brookdale Senior Living in Rohnert Park that featured the contributions of Capt. Thomas Baylis (Homer Johnstone), Isaac Wickersham (Marshall West), Ida Belle McNear (Barbara Harden), and William Howard Pepper (yours truly) to the early development of Petaluma.

Members of audience appeared to enjoy the details of the contributions these historic characters made, and since many of them had never been to Petaluma before, they plan to organize a bus tour of downtown Petaluma with Mr. Wickersham as their guide.

Yes, indeed, not only are the Petalumans of Yesteryear still very busy; but they are spreading the word about our the historic past of “Our River Town.” Please share this blog site with your friends and neighbors, and feel free to post any comments that come to mind. Stay tuned.

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