This post will be the last in our nine blog series devoted to volunteerism. Yesterday’s Butter & Egg Days parade was a perfect example of how Petalumans donate their time, energy and talents to strengthen the spirit of our favorite river town. Petaluma’s spirit of volunteerism continues to live on, and has become “legendary,” as demonstrated by this year’s parade theme – Legends of Petaluma.

The Butter & Egg Days Parade Volunteers – There are too many to list by name on this blog; but, without their help the parade would not be possible. Under the guidance and leadership of the Petaluma Downtown Association staff, over 200 volunteers keep the parade moving smoothly and safely. The various position in which they serve include parade stagers, banner carriers, beer garden staff, rental booths, button sellers, and safety monitors. Of course, the financial support of the parade sponsors is necessary also; particularly in economically difficult times. Our thanks to Marie McCusker and her staff for their supervision

Bill Hammerman (William Howard Pepper), organizer of The Petalumans of Yesteryear moved from Daly City to Petaluma upon retirement from San Francisco State University. When his wife, Connie, initiated the study group for volunteers interested in becoming Petaluma Historic Downtown walking tour docents, he joined and eventually took on the identity of William Howard Pepper, the founder of the first kindergarten for Petaluma children. Due to his interest in public education, Bill organized various projects under the PetalumaNet banner that promoted greater use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in our local schools. During the late 1990s, over a three year period, over 300 volunteers were recruited to organize and sponsor annual Community Computer & Internet Fairs. This effort became known as the Petaluma CyberCity Roundtable whose mission was to promote ICT in all sectors of a community – government, business, health, non-profits, as well as education.

Bill has also participated as volunteer for Sons in Retirement #147, the Petaluma Historical Museum, the Petaluma Historical Society, Petaluma Educational Foundation, the Petaluma School District’s Tech Committee, the City’s Telecommunications & Technology Advisory Committee, the Southern Sonoma County Resource Conservation District, the Petaluma Senior Center, the Petaluma Health Care District, the Fire Department’s Master Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee, and the Petaluma Neighborhood Emergency Response Team initiative.