As we get closer to The California Great ShakeOut, we will review, courtesy of the City of Santa Rosa’s COPE Guide, the second phase of earthquake preparedness. Today’s blog will outline what to do DURING an earthquake.

If inside: *Seek immediate shelter.
* Drop, Cover, and Hold at least 15 feet from any window or try to get under something that will protect you from falling debris such as a table or desk. Hold on to it.
* In a hallway, sit down against a wall and cover your head.
*Never run outside during the earthquake.

If outside: * Move away from buildings to an open area.
* Watch for fallen power lines or light poles.

Stay tuned for a future blog related to what to do AFTER an earthquake.

Don’t forget – The Calif. Great ShakeOut – Thursday (10/18)
If you want to see who is participating from Sonoma County, click on …

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