The Sage of Petaluma II has been reflecting upon what some people refer to as our “sense of community” or “community spirit.” Just last week, fellow blogger Frank Simpson, wrote about the first block party sponsored by his neighborhood. This highly successful event brought neighbors together and provided them with an opportunity to “mingle” and become better acquainted.

The word, mingle, reminded me that its been over two years since I last blogged about Bill Soberanes, the world’s foremost Peopleologist. As long time Petalumans know, Bill was not only known for his community-oriented columns in the Argus-Courier titled, “So They Tell Me” and “My Fascinating World of People;” he was also known as the founder of Petaluma-booster projects such as: the World’s Wriswrestling Championships, the World-Wide People-Meeters Club, Brothers of the Brush, plus other events that my memory chip has deleted.

To honor Bill Soberanes’ many contributions to his beloved river town, October 7, 1988, was named “Bill Soberanes Day. The 27th Annual Wrist-wrestling Championship took place the next day and a bronze wristwrestling statue at the corner of Washington Street and Petaluma Boulevard was dedicated.

Guess what? This Saturday, October 10th, at 3:00 p.m., the 2009 “Bill Soberanes Memorial” Wristwrestling Contest will take place at Walnut Park. Readers should take a look at the “Time Lapse: My Hairy Commute/Readying for the Whiskerino” video by Fred Abercrombie, one of the contestants and organizers of the 2008 event…

Better yet, join the Brothers of the Brush who will flock to Petaluma for this memorable occasion and “mingle” with other Petalumans who have also captured the “spirit” and “sense of community” that Bill Soberanes (aka “Mr. Petaluma”)wrote about for 49 years.