We have leadership at the federal level that appears to be a “believer” in promoting the greater use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in order to achieve desired goals and objectives in a more effective, efficient and economic manner. (BTW, this was the original mission of PetalumaNet when it was founded in 1995.) Here are a few thoughts related to our Information Highway.


“Eagle-Eyes” saw the first clue in the President’s insistence on keeping his BlackBerry as a means of communicating by e-mail, even though there were security concerns. (The security issue seems to have been mitigated by enhanced security protection techniques.) The “Trio” responsible for many of these blogs has been commenting about ICT for years. 

“Me” who has been following FCC (Federal Communications Commission) affairs liked the fact that Michael J. Copps has been appointed acting chair by the President. Over the years, Copps (appointed to the FCC in 2001) has been a strong advocate for media reform, including Internet Freedom through net neutrality.

“Myself” is impressed with legislation designed to expand broadband services in many parts of the nation, rural as well as urban.Using a search engine is the best way to keep up to date. One such site (September. 3, 2008) is –


“I,” in turn, is delighted with the design of the new version of the White House web site http://www.whitehouse.govbecause of its transparency and its invitation for citizens to send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff. “President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history.”

The degree of influence these latest changes will have on our nation’s standing in the world order of Internet saturation and broadband penetration remains to be seen. “Hammerhead” is waiting for the latest world order statistics to be released before declaringthat one of his proverbial nails” has been hit on the head.”

2009 is off to an encouraging start as we continue our journey through CyberSpace. What the impact on Petaluma,-USA, our local CyberPlace, will be in the coming months remains to be seen. Stay tuned.