Ten “Lest We Forget” blogs were posted on this site (http://bill-hammerman.blogs.petalua360.com), between 6/12/14 and 6/13/15; Ed Mannion, Lyman Byce, Brainerd Jones, Samuel Cassidy, Helen Putnam, Rev. Lorenzo Waugh, John W. Cavanagh, Bill Kortum, Fred Wiseman, and Bill Soberanes.

Only one of them, Lyman Byce, is portrayed by one of the current day “Petalumans of Yesteryear.” Their individual stories are posted on their current web site http://www.petalumansofyesteryear.org/ A new historic walk by the Petalumans is in the planning stages and will be offered to the public next Spring during the annual Butter and Eggs Day parade week. Stay tuned.

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