Permit me to share with readers of this blog, emergency preparedness information that is also shared with our Petaluma ALERT volunteers (Alliance of Emergency Response Teams) via their newsletter. (Just click on the following links.)

September – National Emergency Preparedness Month Update
Before we close out EP month, let’s take a look at a couple of interesting articles that deserve your attention as we approach California’s Great Shakeout! (October 18th.)

1- How many hands would go up if you asked any audience the question: Do you have an emergency kit or would you be self-sustained for at least 72 hours during an emergency?
Check out –

2- As a follow-up to #1, look at Eric Holderman’s Individual Responsibility in Disasters.

3- Now that we have your attention, please read: Woeful Success Rate in Citizen Preparedness Suggests New Approaches are Necessary.

4- Hurricane Katrina and other disasters have given us a series of emergency preparedness wake-up calls. Do we pay attention now or continue to hit the snooze button?

Don’t forget next month – The Calif. Great ShakeOut – Thursday (10/18)
Why should you participate?

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