My last Emergency Preparedness blog (9-1-12), closed with a quote that described the type of EmComm service that Ham Emergency Radio Operators at the local community or neighborhood level can offer whenever a major disaster that causes loss of electric power to occur. The current NHW concept was initiated by Florida Hams (Volusia County) following Hurricane Katrina.

The following site offers suggestions on how to get started, using three themes.

Any licensed Ham* interested in learning more about the Petaluma NHW initiative should contact this blogger (Bill Hammerman) at
Note* Any licensed amateur radio operator who is also a “certified” or “registered” radio operator for a government or non-government EmComm group (ACS, RACES, ARES, SATERN, Red Cross) may serve their neighborhood while they wait for their official “activation” and/or “deployment” call from their EmComm group leaders.

It is important to remember that the first 24-72 hours of any natural disaster is critical and one’s local neighborhood might need the help of a licensed Ham. Even though I’ve “retired from being retired,” the Neighborhood HamWatch concept is one that I hope I will be able to continue to support and promote. Our favorite River Town is worthy of this type of volunteer service.

P.S. Listed below are a few more links reporting how Hams helped out with Isaac.

Local Ham Radio Operators on Standby to Help Storm Victims

ARNews Report 1829 August 31, 2012

Hurricane Watch Net Isaac op Concludes

P.S. #2- Since today is 9/11, the news media is remembering our nation’s man-made disaster in New York, 10-years ago, today. Stay tuned for another Emergency Preparedness blog, later today.

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