The Brick Schoolhouse

 According to Adair Heig (History of Petaluma), after a year and a half of wrangling, $10,000 was   raised by the citizens of Petaluma to build a one-story brick or stone schoolhouse that would replace the old yellow frame private schoolhouse at Fifth & B Streets in 1858. "Fearing that the [...]

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The Cosmopolitan Hotel

Since we wandering around the Great Mill area and highlighting the McNear family name, take a closer look at the Center Park photo, above,  and the buildings on the west side of Main Street (now Petaluma Blvd. S.) This 1890's picture shows horses and buggies tied up what is now [...]

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The Petaluma Great Mill

Petaluma's Historic Commerce District, which encompasses much of the downtown area was officially created in 1995, when it was placed on the Nation Register of Historic PLaces. This district included 95 buildings on 23 acres of land, and represents the development of commerce in the city from the mid-nineteenth century [...]

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Petaluma City Hall, 1886

In her book, Images of Petaluma - A History in Architecture (2005), Katherine Rinehart states, "A city's character is often defined by its architecture, especially its public buildings which reflect the values and taste of the community." An early City Hall was built on Fourth Street (next to what was [...]

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Pepper Free Kindergarten

 Since I assume the identity of "William Howard Pepper" during my historic walks of downtown Petaluma, I thought it would be appropriate to use the southwest corner of Liberty and Washington Streets for this new series of "Then & Now" blogs. It was this corner that Mr. Pepper owned in [...]

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Petaluma Pete’s Birthday Gift for Bill Soberanes

Petaluma Pete (aka John Maher) has produced many "For Kids Only" videos for Petaluma 360. He wrote a song about "Mr. Petaluma in 2011; plus posted peopleology photos. Check out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcPYPE1mVPY    

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Happy Birthday, “Mr.Petaluma”

Bill Soberanes, aka "Mr. Petaluma," died on June 2, 2003, exactly 49 years to the day that his first column "So They Tell Me" appeared in the Argus-Courier on June 2, 1954. If he were still alive, October 19th would have been his 92nd. birthday. He had many claims to [...]

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Get Ready to ShakeOut!

Just a friendly reminder to "Be Ready" and "Prepared" for any type of disaster that might occur in the Bay Area. Although most residents don't think a major disaster like an earthquake will happen soon, there have been a series of major storms and floods elsewhere in the country. Sooner [...]

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Remembering Bill Soberanes, Ten Years Later

Twenty-four years ago, October 7th was named Bill Soberanes Day and a testimonial dinner was attended by over 400 friends and well-wishers in 1988. The following day, the bronze wristwrestling statue at the corner of Washington Street and Petaluma Boulevard was unveiled, and the 27th World Wristwrestling Tournament was held. [...]

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Annual Bill Soberanes Memorial Whiskerino Contest

Bill Soberanes Day was celebrated on October 7, 1988 to honor the many community contributions and promotions "Mr. Petaluma" made over the years. When Bill died on June 2, 2003 at age 81, the Petaluma City Council issued a proclamation declaring October (his birth month) as "Bill Soberanes Month." The [...]

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