One More Historic Fred Wiseman Date

To date, this blog site has posted 22 historic reviews of various accomplishments of pioneer airplane pilot Fred J. Wiseman and the significance of his historic first airmail flight from Petaluma to Santa Rosa 17-18, 1911. Readers may review these posts by clicking on the Fred Wiseman "category" heading in [...]

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Let’s Not Forget May 15, 1947

Although Fred J. Wiseman died on October 14, 1961, fifty-years after his historic delivery of a letter by a man-made aircraft that flew from Petaluma to Santa Rosa on February 17-18, 1911, there is yet another important date that needs to be remembered and celebrated because it played a significant [...]

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Remembering Bill & Fred – Part II – 2011

Fortunately, these two adventurous human beings had the opportunity to meet and talk face-to-face, years after Fred's historic flight, but before Fred died on October 14, 1961, at the age of 85.                                                                                                                         It's now the next day after posting the thoughts expressed in Part I and I wanted to [...]

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Remembering Bill and Fred – 2011 – Part I

For some reason, the ideas for my various blogs pop into my mind when I wake up in the "wee" hours of the morning; somewhere between 2-3 a.m. Other times it might be 6:30 or 7:30 a.m., when I wake up a second time. This morning, my "memory chip" was [...]

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Wiseman Flight Confirmation – At Last!

 Even though the Fred Wiseman souvenir postcard was designed with one of the four photos showing his plane taking off on an exhibition flight in Petaluma, sometime in  1910; it was not sent to the printers with 100% confidence.  This blog will attempt to reveal the "hysterical" journey behind the [...]

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Fred … you are still flying high

Two days is a long time for a letter to travel from Petaluma to Santa Rosa.  One hundred years is a much longer time; but that how long it took for a stamp to be produced in honor of your historic first airmail flight in 1911. Just as you were [...]

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Fred Wiseman is ready to fly!

 The "Trio" blog team for Petaluma360 woke up this morning wondering if the reenactment airmail  flight of Fred J. Wiseman announced for "take off" around noon on February 19 would be able take place due to the recent rain and wet weather? Collectively, "Me, Myself, & I"  wonder if history [...]

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Are you ready to take off?

On this day, in 1911, Fed Wiseman was probably waiting for the rains to stop and the race track soil at Kenilworth Park to dry out in order for him to make a return flight from Petaluma, where he made most of his practice flights in 1910., to Santa Rosa. [...]

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Fred Wiseman is Flying High

 Yesterday was quite a day for Fred Wiseman Centennial Celebration enthusiasts. The scale model of his 1911 airplane (built by PAPA volunteers), that flew the first airmail letter on a flight (open to the public) from Petaluma to Santa Rosa, 100 years ago on February 17-18, 1911, was "flown" by [...]

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At last – A “Personalized” Stamp for Fred Wiseman

 Finally, after previous efforts by local citizens who have campaigned and lobbied for Fred Wiseman's historic flight on February 17-18, 1911, when he carried letters from the public, as well as one from the Petaluma Postmaster to the Postmaster of Santa Rosa; a "personalized" stamp acknowledging the fact he was the [...]

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