Since our recent blogs have been promoting the Petaluma Historical Museum & Library at Fourth & B Streets, we hope that readers will take the opportunity to visit it and explore the various displays and visits. Here are a series of questions you might use as a “Scavenger Hunt” for our town’s  historic “treasure chest.” 

1 – When was the “Old  Brick School House” built?

2 – Who was the first person to establish a carriage and wagon factory in Petaluma?

3 – Who did J.A. McNear partner with in order to get a Silk Mill built in Petaluma?

4 – Who was the architect for the Petaluma Carnegie Library?

5 – What is the street address for the “Must Hatch Hatchery?”

6 – When was Gen. Mariano Vallejo born? Died?

7 – What does the name “Petaluma” mean?

8 – What does Chief Solano’s original name (Quelloy) mean?

9 –  What is the name of the hay scow that came up Petaluma Creek (and returns

each year for the River Festival?)

10- Where is the horse-drawn street car “barn” located?

11- Who was Lorenzo Waugh?

12- What is the date of the photo showing the interior of a Petaluma schoolroom?

13- What does “H&B” stand for?

14- Who were the first Petalumans to buy an incubator?

15- What was the name of the famous Petaluma Club that traveled to Mexico?

16- In what year was electricity first used in Petaluma, on a regular basis?

17- True or false? Petaluma had a pharmacy for chickens?

18- When did Petaluma’s first and only electric railway operate?

19- When was Petaluma’s first newspaper published? What was its name?

20- When was he “Petaluma Argus-Courier” started?

21- Who was the first woman elected mayor of Petaluma?

22- The first airmail letter was flown from ? to where ? in which year?

23- What is the name of the Petaluma Fire Dept. Hose Pumper, on display?

24- In what year was Petaluma “chartered” as a city?

25- What weas the population of Petaluma in 1883?


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