Last month, I was looking for new ideas or themes for my blog site, so I decided to explore the collection of books, photographs, files, and pamphlets in the Hoppy Hopkins Research Library at the Petaluma Historical Museum. Within an hour of glancing randomly through the various shelves I thought this research collection could also be called “Petaluma’s Treasure Chest.”

For starters, here is a brief list of the some of these historical gems:

* Ed Mannion’s “Rear-View Mirror” columns, 3/12/1960-12/28/1963.

* Petaluma Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) minutes

* Twenty-four binders of photographs organized by categories such as: City buildings, schools, churches, businesses, railroads, river,  steamers, people, old homes, aerial views, and Butter & Egg Days events.

* Harlan Osborne’s “Toolin Around Town” Argus-Courier columns, 6/7/2006 to present.

*The Sonoma Mission, California’s 21st Mission – 1975

* Barns of California, California Historical Society – 1974

* Locomotive Cyclopedia: Steam, Electric, Diesel – 1941

* The Petaluma Chicken House Project – 2000. A collection of interviews, memories and oral histories collected by Maxine Kortum Durney for the Petaluma Historical Assoc.

Talk about a collection of “golden nuggets” dealing with Petaluma and California history: these items are priceless and are available to the public. Volunteer docents are prepared to help you search through this “treasure chest” to find information of interest to you. For further information, phone (707) 778-4398, or check out the museum’s web site at:




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