According to Adair Heig (History of Petaluma), after a year and a half of wrangling, $10,000 was   raised by the citizens of Petaluma to build a one-story brick or stone schoolhouse that would replace the old yellow frame private schoolhouse at Fifth & B Streets in 1858. “Fearing that the steadily swelling population would outgrow the new building even before it was completed, the school board had added a second story without consulting the voters.”  Originally, it was called “The School House.” It became known as the “Brick School” or the “B Street School” later. Since all the other schools were constructed of wood, this school was the first in the county to built from bricks. (Photograph courtesy of the Petaluma Historical Museum & Library)


In 1911, the current Greek Revival Style building, designed by Brainerd Jones,  replaced the B Street School and was named Lincoln Primary School. By 1955, it could no longer accommodate the growing student population, so it was converted to School Administrative Offices. Since the building was declared an earthquake hazard in the 1980s, student were no longer allowed to enter the building; consequently the district moved out of the building.


 Several years later, the building was sold and converted to an historic office complex. It’s street address in 11 Fifth Street, but the name above the B Street entrance reads “Petauma City School Administration Building.”

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