For the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines, blogging-wise; but, now that the football season is over, it’s time to become active, as a Petaluma blogger. Today’s post will start a new theme: Volunteerism.

The value of community volunteers entered my mind, following the series of newspaper articles and e-mails that revived “the fight over Lafferty Ranch in the hills east of Petaluma.” (Chris Coursey, Press Democrat). A PD editorial followed, titled” “A new push for access to Lafferty Ranch.” Among the many supporters of this cause has been Friends of Lafferty Park, a volunteer organization that has supported the City of Petaluma’s plan, over the years, for a wilderness park on the Lafferty Ranch property at the top of Sonoma Mountain.

Recently (1-31-2013), Friends of Lafferty Park (FLP) initiated a “quiet title” legal action to clarify the public right of way across the ranch. The mission of FLP is to “develop, maintain, and improve Petaluma’s Lafferty Park and enhance the experience of park visitors through volunteerism, fund-raising, and education.

Wow! What a cause. Volunteers … Can and do make a difference!

P.S. The FLP are not the only community volunteer organization to support local causes. Stay tuned for future blogs related to “volunteerism.”