Disaster Preparedness Video on PCA – Ch. 26 – 6:30 p.m.- Saturday (10/20) , Wednesday (10/24), Saturday (10/27)

Seven years ago, following Hurricane Katrina, on October 19, 2005, Pacific Clearstream Media Group produced a TV show titled, Disaster Preparedness! Can Sonoma County Communicate? Our local Petaluma Community Access station, will broadcast this same show this Saturday, 10/20/12, on Ch. 26 at 6:30 p.m. It will also be shown on Wed. (10/24) and Sat. (10/27) at 6:30 p.m. (Ch. 26)

One question Petaluma Neighborhood HamWatch volunteers might ask themselves is, “When the power is out, as it was during Katrina, are we able to communicate any better, today, than we were in 2005?”

It’s just a coincidence, but today’s blog is my 101st post in the Emergency Preparedness category; however, there are another 15 blogs related to being ready and prepared in the event of a major disaster, using other category headings: Our Cyberplace, Then & Now, Our Petaluma, and Bill’s Blog, that were posted between 3/21/2006 and 8/30/06.

The particular category title is not of great importance. What is significant, is the information presented and news about the various Emergency Preparedness training opportunities available to Petaluma citizens at the neighborhood level, for over six years. All these categories with the titles and dates of their blogs are included in the index to the right.

Just in case you missed reading EP Blog #100 – Developing Your Own EP Team, please go back and check it out. Creating such neighborhood emergency response teams, called NERT, is what the series of Petaluma CERT courses initiated in 2006 was all about. The ultimate goal was for each team to also include a licensed amateur radio operator. This was one of the reasons for organizing the 2005 forum and producing the video titled: Disaster Preparedness! Can Sonoma County Communicate?