As we make the transition from September (National Emergency Preparedness Month) to October, the month in which we remember The California Great ShakeOut, we will review, courtesy of the City of Santa Rosa’s COPE Guide, the three phases of earthquake preparedness. Today’s blog will outline what to do BEFORE an earthquake.
* Know critical needs of yourself and your family. * Be aware of any unique hazards near your home such as power lines, trees, or hills. * Know the best escape route from each room, your home, and the neighborhood. Also have an alternate route from each. *Know where the gas, electric, and water shutoffs are located and how to use them. Attach gas shutoff wrench to gas meter. * Keep shoes, flashlight, and critical information (medical information, [photo ID, keys, and contact telephone numbers, including an out-of-state contact for family members to contact and relay messages) under bed in plastic bag. * Develop a plan and have an emergency kit.

BTW, the Press Democrat, publishes periodically on page F1, brief descriptions and illustrations related to: Build a Disaster Kit, How to Turn Off Your Gas, Escape Plan.

Stay tuned for future blogs related to what to do DURING and AFTER an earthquake.

Don’t forget next month – The Calif. Great ShakeOut – Thursday (10/18) Why should you participate?