Many readers know that from time to time, in order to remind Petalumans of our town’s unique history, one of my personas is “William Howard Pepper.” After I arrived in Petaluma (historically speaking) in 1858, I developed a very successful nursery on what is now known as Pepper Road. Later, in 1894, the opening of Pepper Free Kindergarten took place on the southwestern corner of Washington and Liberty Streets. But, that was “then,” It is my former house, built on Pepper Lane in 1876 that I want to brag about “now.”

The biennial Heritage Homes Tour on Sunday (9/16) will include my former house, now owned by Bradley and Mimi Knop. Heritage Homes of Petaluma was founded in 1967 to help preserve the heritage of the Petaluma area through the promotion and encouragement of the preservation and restoration of vintage buildings of historical, architectural, or cultural significance. The Knops have done that, plus. Last Saturday’s “At Home” Section of the Press Democrat (9/1), featured how homes can be modified to “control household craziness that starts when the kids head back to school.” The article describes in detail the changes that two families (Knop and Heutau) made in getting their homes in order and organized to ease stress.

This historic farm house from the 1870s continues to be recognized for its architectural and cultural significance in the 21st Century. Thank you Brad and Mimi. (BTW, I’ll be there as Mr. Pepper on the 16th to greet visitors.)