My apologies, once again, to my regular readers for not posting blogs more frequently. If my memory is correct, my very first blog was posted almost nine years ago, October 2003, on Michael Estigoy’s community website – Petaluma Online. (The Argus-Courier’s Petaluma360 didn’t exist then.) The only topic I addressed back then was information and communication technology (ICT), and the title of the blog was “Our CyberSpace.” Now, almost a decade later my Petaluma360 blogs are all about the community, using a dozen different topic categories.

If you turn the Petaluma360 clock back to 3-16-09 (Bill’s Blog #78), the title was “Boxes, Boxes, Boxes,” and I used the need to clean out the garage as the excuse for not blogging
more often back then. It was reported that my garage contained over 80 cardboard boxes, 35 file, drawers, and 65 notebooks that needed to be gone through item by item … “a mission impossible.”

Guess what? Those numbers haven’t changed that much since then; but the garage is neater now and we still have room to park two cars and set up a computer/Ham radio table. The secret was to clean out the garden tool shed and then move some of the bulkier items from garage. Yes, I know that is cheating; but, I’m making progress s-l-o-w-l-y. Since I’m approaching the 20th anniversary of my retirement years (1992-2012), I’m gradually retiring from being so active as a community volunteer. Many of these community projects have been the subject of my blogging.

I hope to continue posting blogs related to our historic town from time to time; but, if I’m to revisit the garage project, I must seriously consider “retiring” from “being retired.” Stay tuned.