My blog team of The Trio (Me, Myself & I), plus Eagle-Eyes and Hammerhead wish to apologize to our readers for not posting a blog for almost a month. (Of course, some readers might consider that a blessing.) BUT, there is a good reason for this lapse .. the garage is finally being cleaned up. Last week, our blue disposal bin was filled to the brim with old files and papers that go back several years and beyond.

One letter tucked away in a collection of Family History papers was dated September 10, 1928 (a few days after I was born). It was a letter to my Mom from her aunt congratulating her and my Dad for the birth of another son. It closed with the question, “What are you going to name the little fellow?” Eventually, the choice was William, a name that nobody calls me by today .. it’s “Bill,” or sometimes, “Silly-Willy.”

I’ll keep this post brief, because it’s time to hit the garage, again, and plow through more boxes of files and papers. Nobody knows what might be discovered next. The Trio is bored stiff with the task of examining each file prior to disposal, or in some cases, returning it to the box. Eagle-Eyes hasn’t found any headline items to shout about, and Hammerhead hasn’t discovered anything that “hits the name on the head.” That’s ok with Bill; some of these memories are just too precious to “dump in the trash.”

Stay tuned. Who knows what discoveries might be made next?