No, we’re not talking about milkshakes; but, earthquakes. Here is another blog that uses a picture that speaks volumes without having to say a single word. It’s a “shake map” that uses color coding to estimate the degree of shaking that will occur as a result of an earthquake along our local Rodgers Creek Fault. Check the color legend and then locate your neighborhood area. How severe might the shaking get when the “big one” hits us?

“Copy”” this URL in your browser, click and follow directions.

How much damage might occur to the houses in your neighborhood? Are you and your family “Ready” for such an event? Are you and your neighbors “Prepared” to be on your own for a period of time up to 7-10 days?

Have you been reading any of the 80 Emergency Preparedness blogs that have been posted since March, 2006? What have you done, to date, to Get Ready and to Be Prepared?

Stay tuned; our “preaching” isn’t over yet.