OK, let’s stop the “preaching” about Emergency Preparedness, and “cut to the quick.” Let’s take a “test.” Let’s determine your “RQ” – Readiness Quotient. This questionnaire is “a first of its kind tool for individuals, families and communities to determine and evaluate their readiness.”

Go to http://www.whatsyourrq.org/
(You may have to copy and paste this URL in your browser.)
When the site opens …
Click on … Get Started Here
Then … click on … Take the RQ Test NOW

After you have answered the 10 questions and found your score, please send it to whammer@petalumanet.org, in order that I may calculate an "average" score just for Petaluma. (Your e-mail address and reported score will not be revealed to anyone but this blogger. I am only interested in calculating the average score for our city.) Hopefully, enough RQ scores will be submitted so that the "average" will be based on an adequate population sample representing Petaluma. Another blog with the result will be posted at the end of September – National Emergency Preparedness Month. Don’t delay … do it now!