Although we have been “blabbling” (sorry, I mean blogging) about being “ready” and “prepared” for coping with a major disaster, such as an earthquake, since Katrina (2005); the majority of households and neighborhoods in the Bay Area are NOT ready or prepared!

Once, again, in order to PREPARE you … not … SCARE you, it would be worth your time to view the following two online information resources during the first week of FEMA’s 7th Annual National Preparedness Month – September, 2011.

The “Get Ready Marin” information is useful for residents of any county.

The “Personal and Family Preparedness” video produced by the City of Seattle Office of Emergency Management (2007) is still relevant today.

Stay tuned for a new Emergency Preparedness post, each week, this month. As we stated in the previous EP blog , #74- Is the End Near? ( 9-2-11), it has been demonstrated that individuals and families who have taken the time to “Be Prepared” are also better able to cope with a major disaster and to recover more quickly, with less stress, than those who have ignored these warnings to “Be Ready” for the “BIG” one.