Frank Vincent Carcione’s numerological analysis of Bill Soberanes continues as follows:
“Your habit challenge is a part of the hustle and bustle of everyday living. It shows you are talented. Your fine fine sense of perfection gives you specialized skills, but watch out for that inner resentment which separates you from others. You are an extrovert this year. (1977). You need to be around people.

Every nine years we go through personal changes. Right now you are in a masterful year. You may find a great deal of mental strain in making ends meet and in accomplishing what you have in mind; but this is a business year, and if you are efficient, this will be an excellent year for finances. Around August there will be a feeling of being alone, but accept this to take time to rest and tone up your digestive system. September is your high point.

Personal Month – July 1977: A time for new ideas and traveling. Also a time you will want to be free. You will find yourself with a legal struggle, either with a large corporation or position of authority. Be sure you are right and put up a good fight with tolerance and compassion, as part of your effort. Self improvement and compassion for others are important to you.

The pinnacle you’re in shows this is a forceful period of life and may be a chance to do broader work along the lines of personal ideas, developed during the other pinnacles, or a chance to carry out unexpressed desires. This is a chance to do something outstanding. You will be doing something with people for your compassion towards them will have a great effort on your future now.

Your health chart shows that lack of popularity, inferiority complex, and an inner dissatisfaction will cause you speech problems in throat, deep headaches, and a feeling of tiredness. Always keep yourself in top physical condition.”

Well, readers, that’s it. Unfortunately, I do not have any personal information about Bill’s life in 1977 and the years that followed, in order to determine the accuracy of what may have really happened. Since this analysis was based upon “numerology” and I am not acquainted or knowledgeable about it, I thought it best to use my search engine to find out more information. To my surprise, I discovered sites that are quite extensive in their explanation of how the study of the symbolism of numbers works, and its history.

Hmmm. Now I wonder if Bill ever saw this analysis. I wonder if there is any significant correlation between this analysis and what those readers who knew Bill think. Please post your thoughts or comments?