With the upcoming musical about Petaluma, with a number devoted to remembering Bill Soberanes, on the radar screen; I was motivated to search through the BS files in my garage … and guess what I discovered? The rough draft of “A Character Analysis of William Caulfield Soberanes through Numerology” by Frank Vincent Carcione written in 1977. It’s being reproduced so that a newer generation of Petalumans might captured the impression that one person had about this well known Petaluma who was born on October 19, 1924, eighty-seven years ago. Enjoy.

“The name William shows that you are a thinker, and never satisfied until you link the known with the unknown. You have an analytical mind and always trying to discover hidden facts. Knowledge is your key to success.

The name Caulfield shows leadership and the ability to be inventive. The name Soberanes, which is your family name, shows you have the ability to make money and go into business. You are destined to be one of the educators of the world. You have been destined to discover, uncover and understand the mysteries of life, to delve into the hidden, scientific and occult. You may even be called strange, different or hard to understand, but it is your destiny to live by the realities of life and not by superficial standards.

Your hearts desire or what I call inner soul shows that you have a deep compassion for people. You have beauty and harmony and are capable of an impersonal attitude of mind. You have an impersonal understanding of the hearts of all people. You have a strong sense of perfection, and are a dreamer; but your inner force can materialize your dreams, when you remain true to your inner desire for beauty and harmony and service. Your birth force OK talents show you as the philanthropic type.

Your key letters that direct you through life show you are an inventor, leader, often very clever, loves freedom, always talking for new ideas, and can be very serious. You are very open minded, and find inner happiness. Your planes of expression, shows the degrees of balance between your mental and emotional qualities and the level of action and living from which you do your best work.

Your type shows you are very emotional, but a worker and a builder, have a good sense of form, curious about life, chooses the support of the material world for security, very imaginative, and have a sensitive response to human emotion.”

WOW! What an analysis. Let’s take a break and digest these thoughts about Bill by Frank; but, continue with his remaining thoughts in Part II. Stay tuned.