Leo Laporte, a local Petaluman, now known worldwide as “The Tech Guy” and founder of TWiT Netcast Network, passed his Technician Class amateur radio exam. He is the newest Ham radio operator in Petaluma and his call sign is “in the mail.”

For those readers who follow TWiT.tv also know that Leo has added “Ham Nation” hosted by Bob Heil (K9EID) and Gordon West (WB6ACU), to the TWiT list of webcasts. I’m certain that they will highlight Leo’s latest achievement on their next show, Tuesdays, 6-7 p.m., http://twit.tv/hn (Listen for Leo’s Ham call sign.)

It might just be a coincidence, but this past week TWiT staff members have been moving their current office and studio to a new location up the block on Keller Street. Eventually, Leo will have a Ham radio studio installed. (Actually, a short parade will take place Sunday, following Leo’s final broadcast from The Cottage.)

Stay tuned as “The Trio” learn more about what Leo has planned for the future. “Eagle-Eyes” will be looking for the newspaper headlines announcing this move and “Hammerhead” knows that Leo will say or do something connected with amateur radio that will “hit the nail on the head.”

P.S. If you missed reading two earlier blogs about “Ham Nation,” which had its debt in May, they were posted on 5-25-11 (A Great Beginning) an on 6-1-11 (Ham Nation & Petaluma CERN.) Look for the links in the right column.

73 Leo, from Bill, KI6GOO