Every year since 1999, on July 12, there is an historical event celebrated with the return of the radio station KPH. (KPH at one time was housed in Marshall, at the Marconi receiving site.) In fact, in 2008, a 28 minute video was produced that commemorated the 9th anniversary of the last Morse Code message sent in commercial service in the United States.

The KPH receiving station, today, is 18 miles of Bolinas, on the Pt. Reyes peninsula. The volunteer operators, members of the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS), work from this location, keying the transmitters in Bolinas remotely, just as when the station was operated daily.

This annual event is of particular meaning and significance to former seagoing radio officers who communicated with KPH during their careers at sea and made the profession of radio telegrapher one of honor and skill. The YouTube video, plus four more videos, may be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=RCA+Radiomarine+Station+KPH

For additional information about the celebration and other MRHS events, check their website http://www.radiomarine.org or e-mail info@radiomarine.org