Unless you are interested in “rolling the dice” and seeing whether the numbers that come up make you a winner. Now that I have your attention, here are the latest “crazy” thoughts I had earlier this morning around 3:30 a.m. (Stop now, if you wish; my feelings won’t be hurt.) OK, let’s roll ’em and see what numbers pop up. I really don’t gamble, using real dice, but I do enjoy playing numbers. (I taught math to 9th graders, way back when.)

For example: I’ll be 83 next September (8+3=11). That means, however, that I’ll be starting my 84th year of life (8+4=12) … my favorite number.) I retired on my birthday in 1992, which means that will have been retired for 19 years in September 2011 (1+9=10).
Which translate into starting my 20th year of retirement.

Questions: How should I spend (or invest) my volunteer time? What kinds of activities, as a retiree, have had the greatest ROI? (Return on Investment) Here’s the short list:

PetalumaNet – initiated in 1995.
Computer SIG/Club for Seniors – 1997
Petaluma CyberCity Roundtable – 1998
The Petalumans of Yesteryears – 1998
North Bay CyberCity Consortium – 2000
Blogger for Petaluma Online – 2003
Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Projects – 2005
Blogger for Petaluma360/Argus-Courier – 2006
The Sages of Petaluma – Senior Center – 2007

Maybe it’s time to “retire from being retired” and go back to work?
Oh, I forgot another significant number … 2011 … married for 43 years (4+3=7)
Wait, that’s the winning number … “7 come 11” … Jackpot!
Forget about going back to “work.” Investing your time in community activities is the best “work” you can do these days. Long live, all active Petaluma volunteers.