What? The Trio slept in until 5 a.m. this morning. They must be getting old. Actually, Me, Myself, & I, have been tossing and turning for an hour pondering what they should be doing in their spare time. For the past few years, their focus has been planning for the Fred Wiseman First Airmail Flight Centennial Celebration. That brainstorming group first met at the Airport on February 17, 2006, when Mike Glose was the airport manager. The NERT project (Neighborhood Emergency Response Team), however, was initiated as a result of Hurricane Katrina and officially announced on an Internet TV Show titled, “Can Sonoma County Communicate?” broadcasted on October 19, 2005. “What to do next?” is the major question, The Trio is pondering now.

Petaluma is such an active community, with so many projects and annual events taking place, it is difficult to decide which ones you might be able attend, support and/or participate in as a volunteer. Eagle-Eyes has spotted many Argus-Courier headlines, recently, that Hammerhead believes “hit the nail on the head” as far as helping Our River Town move forward and enjoy the good life that has been evolving since its founding in the mid-1800s. Our local Historical Museum & Library is filled with exhibits and records that document various historically significant events, as well as the growth and development since becoming a Charted City in 1858.

Just look at the community calendar for the past year, which lists the community events sponsored by community groups such as: The Downtown Association, Hospice, Petaluma People Services, the Library, the Garden Club, the Senior Center, SIRS, Fiends of the River, Civic Organizations, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, and all the local schools. These groups and other organizations have made the news headlines throughout the year and provided us with a town, fit for young and old alike, in which to live, work, play, and learn.

The Trio, isn’t sure what to do next; now that their Income Tax Return was filed on time, and the weather (such as it has been) is still trying to determine what season we are really in. Wasn’t it Luther Burbank that declared Sonoma County was “the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned?” Me thinks that since they haven’t been on a trip – by plane, train, or boat for several years; that they should take a break and re-discover what’s going on in today’s world. Myself believes that they should hit the “pause” key and get away from the computer, the Internet, and the TV set, in order to return to the great out-of-doors that had been the focus of their earlier life as professional educators for over 40 years. Then, as I has often reminded the group … the garage hasn’t been cleaned up since they moved here in 1993, along with 50 boxes of “stuff.”

What The Trio should do next is the question. (Perhaps our readers will have some suggestions.) Oh! It’s Easter Egg hunt time … bye. (We will post this blog tomorrow.) Stay tuned.