I hesitated using the above title for today’s blog. Initially, I thought about using, “Oh, no! Not again!” or “Here we go again.” After reviewing over 60 blogs that have been posted on this site since September 7, 2006, under the Emergency Preparedness heading, I decided to simply ask, When will we learn?

If yesterday’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan doesn’t send the warning message to Be Prepared or Be Ready for a natural disaster, I don’t know what it will take to motivate one to review some of the Disaster Preparedness literature, check lists, and websites that exist. As we have stated, more than once, “it isn’t a question of IF, but WHEN?”

Here are a few of my earlier blogs, selected for your review. (They are available online, under the Emergency Preparedness, category heading to the right of this page.) They are designed to Prepare you, not scare you.

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P.S. If I have learned anything since a community effort to form volunteer CERT, NERT, CERN teams at the neighborhood level was initiated over five years ago, this topic and these reminders will need to be repeated …. so, stay tuned.