When Mother Nature speaks, as she has done over the past few days, you don’t need The Trio, Eagle-Eyes, or Hammerhead to call your attention to Emergency Preparedness needs, issues, or concerns. Therefore, Our River Town blog team is taking the Labor Day weekend off and letting “Bill” manage this blog site. “Well, Bill, what have you to say?”

Hmmm, good question! All I can say is what today’s Press Democrat headlines stated on it’s front page: Widespread damage as 7.1 quake hits New Zealand, and right below Earl Loses Some Punch … however, “it still packs 70 mph winds as it swoops into New England, causing some flooding.” You don’t need a blog team to spell out the message, Mother Nature is doing it all by herself. We better listen to her carefully and act accordingly. BTW, “Bill” experienced the New England hurricane of 1938, as a child, when he was living outside Providence, RI. (Maybe that’s why he’s so concerned about friends and neighbors being ready and prepared when a mega-disaster occurs.

Just so our readers are not left “blowing in the wind” or “shaking in their boots,” here are a few links that will provide basic emergency preparedness information. You are “on your own” WHEN, not IF a disaster happens. (Seriously, please take a few moments to check out a few of these links.)

http://www.earthquakecountry.info/roots/step7.html                                                                                                        http://www.citizencorps.gov/  Featured Links include: National Preparedness Month, Preparedness Toolkit, New CERT Training Videos, and Community Preparedness Webinar Series.

Oops! I almost forgot … an earlieer blog: Emergency Preparedness  #4 – Are You Ready. Go to the “Archives” on the right, and click on October 2006.

Stay tuned. We will have additional Emergency Preparedness blogs posted throughout the month of September. Maybe Eagle-Eyes will spot a headline The Trio can’t ignore.