Eagle-Eyes spotted this headline to Chris Smith’s column in today’s Press Democrat. At this weekend’s Pacific Coast Air Museum air show, a pilot flying a Stearman biplane will be the first local event, in years, that observes Fred J. Wiseman’s historic air mail flight of February 17-18, 1911. As Chris mentions, “the air-show interlude will be a teaser to a host  of” future celebrations and observances that will be sponsored by local historic groups throughout Sonoma County.

The Trio (Me, Myself, and I) do not want to reveal any more details at this time because many of the proposed activities and projects are still in process. Me believes that many Petalumans already know that this historic flight between Petaluma and Santa Rosa was the first airplane-carried mail flight in the United States. Myself, is quick to point out, however, that there a difference of opinion as to whether or not it should be consider the first “official” flight by the U.S. Postal Service. I believes that the coming months will be interesting to watch as more historical documents, memories, photos, and exhibits are made public.

So …start your engines and stay tuned as we pursue another story that should be of interest to all Sonoma County residents and history buffs.

P.S. If you do attend the PCAM Air Show this Saturday and Sunday, look for Wiseman’s landing sometime before/after high noon.