Remember the title, above? It was used last year on April 11, 2009? (EP#41) The lead sentence was …“One week from today, April 18, 2009, will be the 103rd Anniversary of the great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (Mag. 7.8).

Do you remember, yet, another blog, (EP#49, January 25, 2010) was titled, “OK … For the Last Time. That promise of not blogging about Emergency Preparedness (EP) was broken with EP blog #48, March 14, 2010 … “Four Years Ago to the Day.” (FYI, all these blogs are archived by date and category, on the right hand side of this page.)

Well, once again, around 3:00 a.m. today, “The Trio” woke up and debated whether or not it would be worthwhile to post – yet – another reminder to be prepared. Evidently, the Editorial Director of The Press Democrat thought so on April 9, 2010 with a column titled, “Shook up… Mexicali earthquake is just the latest reminder to be prepared.”  The author made the observation that recent earthquakes around the world were just that – reminders – that people (like you and me) may need in order to fend for themselves for several days after a major quake.

One bit of information in the editorial that might shock you to know is that “barely 20 percent of California households have taken recommended basic precautions such as reinforcing homes, stockpiling water and nonperishable food and making disaster plans.” The editorial’s final sentence summed it up with, “In California, it’s only a matter of time. So let this week’s quakes be a wake-up call.”

Hammerhead believes that the best way Petalumans might remember the 1906 earthquake that really “hit the nail on the head” … disaster-wise … is to Get Ready and Be Prepared, NOW.

P.S. Will this blog be the last time you will see such a reminder from Eagle-Eyes? Don’t hold your breath, the Trio doubts it!