Our PetalumaNet Scrapbook contains the following list of accomplishments for the 1995-96 academic year as the result of various activities and events:

* Two Computer Tech Fairs for 60 Teachers were held at Grant & Penngrove Schools

* School site workshops for 35 teachers at McDowell & Dunham Elementary Schools

* Two PTA program presentations at Grant & LaTercera Elementary Schools (N=30)

* Four in-service accessing GINA tutorials, two web page construction workshops, and
one CU-SEE-ME workshop involved 21 teachers.

* Six periodic Newsletters were published for teachers and administrators

* Four demonstration workshops for school administrators, classroom teachers, and the
Petaluma Rotary Club were conducted by PacBell at their regional center. (N=48)

* Three computers and printers from Hewlett-Packard were donated to the District’s
Teacher Learning Center, the Petaluma Historical Museum, and the Senior Center.

* Volunteers tested and repaired three IBM PCs and printers at Valley Vista School.

* One-on-one, face-to-face meetings with 27 different school administrators in the greater
Petaluma area to explain the mission and goals of PetalumaNet were held.

* Production of three video tapes made at demonstration workshops: “Introduction to the
Internet” with Barry Sovel, Mentor Teacher, Petaluma JHS; “Web Page Design &
Construction” with CWO Gerald Linnis, Two Rock Coast Guard Station; “Two-way
Video Conferencing” with Gary Barr, Superintendent/Principal, Cinnabar School.

* Design and creation of the first PetalumaNet web site.

* Special program presentation for visiting Senior Fulbright Scholars visiting
Cinnabar School titled, “Elementary School Use of the Internet.”

* A commercial colored printer and word processor donated to Petaluma JHS.

Stay tune for more “Revisiting Our Information Highway” blogs.