Although Sages are recognized for their wisdom, are there any other qualities, characteristics, or qualities that they display? For those of you, who know the current Sage of Petaluma, some would say, “It was bound to happen, sooner or later.” Over the past several years, this blogger has earned a reputation for creating acronyms; not just any combination of letters representing various words, but acronyms that are a real word like ALERT, for exampled. (Many of his earlier blogs are about ALERT. (Alliance of Local Emergency Response Teams.)

The latest inspiration for an acronym,by the newly declared Sage of Petaluma II, came to him at 3:00 a.m. He took the word – SAGE – and assigned a word to each letter that he thought was appropriate for anyone who claims to be a Sage. For example:

S= Sincere: honest and affective in a way that shows that what is said is really meant.

A= Aesthetic: a set of principles, sensitive to or appreciative of art and history.

G= Generous: kind, having or sharing a willingness to give money, help, or time freely.

E= Energetic: displaying great vigor or force or stamina.

What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Please use the comment section below for your ideas. They will be shared in a future blog. Stay tuned.