This new blog heading was originally posted on an independent site, and is now being added to Petaluma360 as a regular feature as well. Enjoy and spread the word to your friends. Feel free to add your comments, if you wish.

Many of my Petaluma360 readers have asked, Why haven’t you been blogging lately? (It’s been almost three months since my last posting for the Argus-Courier.) The infamous blogging trio – Me, Myself & I – who have contributed over 300 blogs that have dealt with Petaluma’s Past, Present & Future, along with the help of Eagle-Eyes and Hammerhead, couldn’t come up with a united response.

Me simply said, “After posting monthly, weekly, or daily for over three years, we simply burned out and needed to take a sabbatical leave.”  Myself thought our readers were getting tired of reading about Emergency Preparedness, Information & Communication Technology, and snippets of Petaluma History. The number of significant headlines for Eagle-Eyes to comment on dwindled, and Hammerhead was having difficulty finding statements that really hit the nail on the head. For an ex-reporter in his high school days, I, who once interviewed H.L. Mencken of the Baltimore Sun newspaper over 60 years ago, to stop writing would be an impossible mission.

So … what did happen that caused today’s blog to be created and posted on a new site? September 5th was Billy-boy’s birthday (the year censored). OK, he’ll admit to being an “O.F.” (That stands for Old Fellow, not what some readers might be thinking.) What really triggered the decision to pick up the pieces of earlier blogs and to continue to be an amateur journalist was a birthday card placed by the coffee pot this morning. The card portrayed a picture of Cliff from the Cheers TV series along with the words, with age comes wisdom. However, upon opening the card, the greeting continued with … And the unlimited ability to b.s. your way through almost anything. Pile it high today! Right on, commented Hammerhead; You earned both a B.S. and M.S. (More the Same), plus an Ed.D. degree; but not a Ph.D (piled higher and deeper).

Later in the day, another card arrived from a local octogenarian who is also a member of a group known as The Sages of Petaluma. Her greeting read Remember it’s not how OLD you are, it’s how YOUNG you feel! Those words really hit the nail on the head, and Eagle-Eyes said that’s the name for your new blog site … The Sage of Petaluma*. That headline should capture the attention of your Petaluma readers. A Sage is defined as somebody who is regarded as knowledgeable, wise, and experienced, especially a man of advanced years revered for his wisdom and good judgment. I know that sounds self-serving, and piling it higher and deeper, but Hammerhead agreed that The Sage of Petaluma* would hit the nail on the head and advance the mission of the many sages that make up The Sages of Petaluma.

*BTW, there really was someone who called himself The Sage of Petaluma, and wrote a book by that title in 1965; but we’ll save that story for another time. Stay tuned for additional blogs titled, The Sage of Petaluma II.