It took a few days for the Trio (Me, Myself & I) to grasp the full meaning of his column; but, once again, the Trio agreed that “JJ” (Sports Editor for the Argus-Courier) hit the nail on the head with his latest column titled, A new year and a new world for newspapers (nay, the media).

Eagle-Eyes was the first member of this blogging team (as usual) to catch this headline, and he wondered why it wasn’t posted on page one. If you have already thrown out the 1-15-09 edition with this week’s trash, you might still be able to read it on the Argus-Courier’s Petaluma360 Web site. Hammerhead thinks it is worth the effort because JJ’s theme is so 21st Century oriented – the media.

Me liked the sentence, “In fact, our working mantra these days is online first.”

Myself didn’t like the fact that “the amount of news space is determined by the amount of advertising, that news space has shrunk with the economy.” But he did agree that “The neat thing about petaluma360.com is that we can post pictures – that we have not had the space to use in the Argus.”

I agrees with JJ about one’s love for the printed newspaper, but realizes that online media – like Petaluma360 – with its various sections: Forums, Opinions, Photos+Video, Bloggers, plus News –“is a pretty nice place to be.”

“JJ” – you do indeed represent “the media,” as well as local sports. Keep it up!

(As of this morning, 1/17/09, JJ’s column was still available online at http://www.petaluma360.com/section/community02) Check it out and stay tuned for future blogs related to online media.